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The tax you pay is itty-bitty

Tring Lib Dem Nick Hollinghurst writes about tax evasion:

The Caribbean has long been famous for its whimsical and sometimes satirical popular songs called calypsos. A bit like the blues with added sunshine, they often make wry comments on the contradictions and absurdities of life.

A new one has recently been discovered in, of all places, Hong Kong. It will be of especial interest to O2, Wales & West Utilities and Northumbrian Water customers – and to the 28% of UK rail travellers who ride in passenger carriages leased from Eversholt Rail. It goes like this,

Oh, the Cayman Islands are very pretty,
The tax you pay is just itty-bitty
Tell the Revenue you’ve set up shop
Where his tax demands will have to stop!

For more, go to  http://nickh.lib.dm/en/article/2015/1008892/new-caribbean-calypso-discovered-but-will-david-gauke-like-it