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What makes a good caricature?

Animal Lover cropped

Hate. The hate we imagine our enemies to have. The artistry of hate: distorted features, tense gestures, a tornado of props….

I asked Asbjorn Gundersen, currently in his final year studying Illlustration at the University of Hertfordshire, to do me some caricatures for my Amazon ebook Adventures in Tory Land. I was amazed how quickly he could get to the essence of each character just from a few words of description. ‘Racist animal lover’ is above; below, ‘Over-protective mother’:

mother cropped

These are the bold characterisation methods of ancient myth and religion:

– clear physical attribute (racist animal lover has a bald head, marking tribal membership)

– animal characteristics (overprotective mother is a mammal, running on instinct)

– objects they carry with them everywhere (animal lover’s doggy bowl)

– action! Subjects of myth and caricature are rarely peaceful or laid back about life.

Well done Asbjorn! The illustrated edition will be up and running just as soon as he has rubbed out those pencil lines he draws through the middle of all his pictures. Is it a mark of a good caricaturist to self sabotage? Here just for good measure is the Lib Dem Local Party Organiser….

Lib Dem activist shrunk

Check out Asbjorn Gundersen at https://www.facebook.com/asbjornog