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What rough beast?

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‘The trick is, not minding that it hurts.

Anything is better than remorse. So Britain is bolted into a masochistic frenzy. Every whiplash gives us a further thrill. The pound’s down. Oo! Do it again! The pound’s down. Aah! All the experts predict fewer jobs in the future. Do me! The CBI , the farmers’ union, the Bank of England, all those people who know, don’t want this to happen. How thrilling! My son won’t have a job, won’t be able to work in Europe, won’t have free healthcare. Fuck me again!

And now even the Remainers, instead of standing proudly as Bremainers, the true Brits who actually care about Britain, the real parents, the responsible grandparents – even they are joining in the orgy. Never mind what happens to our ability to eat, our ability to set terms and negotiate, let’s be ‘democratic’! Sovereignty for white male southerners, even if they have to brown-nose the Big Powers to keep it! Economic supremacy for the few, even if they’re supreme in a tiny pie, or in a soup.

I have the chance to vote, in a democratic election, for a party that will put an end to these revels, but I’m going to make sure I keep on sucking up to the Brexit brats. Anyone who’s stupid or ignorant or mean-minded, and the political and financial interests that are manipulating those people, I’m going to look after all of them, and do what they want and forget about what I want and what people like me want and need. Ah! – the bliss of self sacrifice! Ooh feel the adrenalin hit! The dopamine receptors tingle.  I surrender my intelligence, I surrender my home’s economics, I surrender my child’s future, I surrender, I surrender, I surrender. Doooo meeeee!



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