About Katie

photo Katie kissing Leo Asia

I am a teacher, writer, Corbynite Lib Dem and mum in St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK. I am passionate about education, the countryside and liberalism and probably other things I can’t think of just at the moment.


Pilgrimage in Terror: Walking Away from Terrorism, my thirteen-day walk and search for answers to terrorism and war on terror.From £2.99. View here..

Adventures in Tory Land, comic accounts of canvassing for the Lib Dems in the M25 commuter belt. Adventures in Tory Land

Learn English A-Z: Meet the British! for learning English without pain. Elementary level. Meet the British!

Facebook: Katie Barron Writer and Learn English A-Z

For a FREE read of my Daddy’s girl character, ‘The Camel-Coated One’, from Adventures in Tory Land, click here: Adventures Ch 9

Or contact me here or @KatieStAlbans and share ideas on World Peace….

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