A new take on mental health

In One Swift Summer, a London park is a collection of human souls suspended in space, watching each other, occasionally interacting and colliding, starting to matter to each other. Above them, other beings, followers of an utterly different existence (`this unspreadsheetably wild otherness’) soar and swoop, build a nest in a listed building, feed their young, are persecuted by a gardener, are saved…

The hero of One Swift Summer, ex sex worker, ex murderer, ex jailbird, has redeemed himself and gradually redeems others, through selling them ice creams and through his art: `By drawing swifts, I draw our thoughts, which fly here in our inner sky, no less large, no less blue….’

In amongst his wisdom learned the hard way there is also humour, as when an American tourist asks for a `large’ ice cream and is fascinated by the smallness of his helping, vows to tell everyone back home not about Kew’s majestic rare trees but about the size of a `large’ ice cream in these parts…
One Swift Summer teems with quotes you want to pin on your bathroom mirror. It is the answer to a life `stuck on the District Line, stuck on Sudoku.’ Read it on the train, read it instead of Sudoku.



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